Monday, December 7, 2009

2º MoskittDay/EclipseDay

Hi Everybody,

Long time has passed since my last blog's entry (I know I was not able to keep my monthly entry frequency >.< ). However, I have decided to take these reports again. I'll try to make short entries so that keeping an acceptable rate of publications doesn't turn into a tedious task.

This time I want to mention the great conference I had last week in Valencia. The 2º MoskittDay/EclipseDay was a pleasant event to meet old friends and new one who I have been mailing since several months ago. Moskitt is an open source project sponsored by the Conselleria de Infraestructuras y transportes which tries to build a model-driven tool to aid the development of software applications.

I did an speaking related to how Open Canarias is reusing one of its components (FEFEM - Form Editors Framework for Ecore Models) in order to create form-based editors to manipulate models information using a generator which eases and increases the editor's production.

It was an interesting speaking, which has provoked a new collaboration between Open Canarias and the Moskitt team because they have showed a great interest in our generator. Actually, we have agreed to contribute our generator to the Moskitt project :D. If you are interested, you can access to the presentation in the following link:

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