Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What the hell was about this blog ?

If one have a look to the Blog Archive, one could suddenly realize that there has been like a big black hole during more than 3 years. What the hell was about it ? Well, basically hard work and other activities certainly non-related to publicly write to practice some use of English or sharing experiences through the broadband.

Well, today I've taken this blog up. The reasons are very varied, from having an opportunity to practice my writing, to publicly share some cool things I 'm working on, even as an excuse to make my supervisors be informed about what is going on with my daily work, which undoubtedly is more interesting than a boring list of emails which my be forgotten in any inbox of email client. Needless to say, that this won't be a diary. Just a common place in which family, friends, colleagues, etc might be up to date about me. I hope frequently to post, though.

To conclude this first "revenge" post, and after changing some basic refreshed design, I just wanted to do a short update for those who still didn't know about. I moved to York in January in order to take my thesis up.  I finally enrolled at the University of York as an Engineering Doctorate student and I will be working around Model Driven Engineering topic (of course :), in tight collaboration with the sponsoring Willink Transformations Ltd. company.

University of York

P.S: I wanted to thank Dr. Richard Paige for encouraging me to take this activity up.

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