Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally on Board

And it's done: "Welcome to Committer status on the Eclipse modeling.mdt.ocl project". Here,you can check that it's not fake (I don't know how many times Waratah my have checked that page during the last months ;P). We have to correct the project summary page, but at least I can proudly say that I'm finally an Eclipse's committer !!!!. Now, it's time to work. Galileo has finally released, and the OCL team has a lot of work for the next release: Helios. I think that we will enjoy.

Talking about on boarding. I have also been working during months to make Tenerife LAN Party (TLP), the great event the Canary people deserve. The party is scheduled 22-26 on July and the stress is coming up around a lot of us. A lot of things to do, but we have the hope that we are doing a fantastic work for the entertainment of a lot of people. Have I said that I'm speaking at TLP 2k9 ?. You can guess that my speaking will relate to Modeling ;P.
By the way, I had promised a practical example to show the powers of the models in action. I think that I'll use Tenerife LAN Party to scope that example ;). Let's see when I have some time to blog about it.

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  1. Me alegro tio! Por cierto, ¿cuál es la traducción de committer? ¿miembro del comité?