Saturday, May 30, 2009

Efforts are finally rewarded

Satisfying times are coming to my current proffesional situation. Just, take a look to the following note received by e-mail: "Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera, This automatically message is to notify you that you have been nominated as a Committer on the OCL component of the modeling.mdt project...". Uou, fantastic !!!... I'll have the opportunity of being part of the team which will mantain and evolve one project in Eclipse, in this case concerning the modeling world :D.

MDT-OCL, is a subproject in Eclipse oriented to provide an implementation of the OMG's standard Object Constraint Language (OCL). This kind of languages (for constraining models) are a cornerstone in the modeling world, because they are required to have a well defined model which is able to describe a complex system.

So, a new team is being made to work on this component in Eclipse. This team will be conformed by Aleksander Igdalov (the project leader) from Russia (employed by Borland), Ed Willink from United Kingdom (employed by Thales R&T), Laurent Goubet from France (employed by Obeo) and me from Spain (employed by Open Canarias). We will have to coordinate to make the component evolve, to fix bugs, to attend the community and to adopt the new specification.

By the way, the new release of the OCL specification will be presented to the Architecture Board during the next meeting in Costa Rica (22-26 June). I can't forget that Open Canarias as a OMG member has delegated on me the task of revision of this specification and a lot fixes have been included in it due to my efforts. As a result, Open Canarias will appear in the specification as a participant company which has submitted and/or supported parts of it.

Therefore, after the next Eclipse Release (24 June), as future MDT-OCL committer we will have to work hard to adopt all changes included in the new specification release. I think that we will enjoy... let's see !!!

P.S: I want to thank Open Canarias for giving me the opportinity to obtain this professional and personal award.
P.S 2: Christian, Ed, and everybody who has helped me during these years: Thank you very much.


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  2. Such a great new! Gratz Fitrol!
    I love the Oh My God (OMG) group too, you should create a fan page at facebook xD