Monday, March 2, 2009

Starting to Blog

Hi everybody.

Finally, I've decided to start writing a little bit in a blog. It has not been an easy decision, due to I hardly have free time to invest in this kind of things. However, I promise that, at least, I'll try to write as frequently as I'm able to.
Another important question has been the thematica of the entries about this blog is related to. The main reason of coming in this world is my main job: I believe that it is good way of making yourself be known, specially if you write interesting and productive entries for the community.

Besides, every guy I admire in Eclipse world have a blog and it's a different way to make contact with them and to know them a little bit more about themself, and obviously I would like that they were able to know little bit more about myself ;).
On the other hand, I don't like to leave my friends in a forgotten corner. I don't exactly know how many times I have heard "Why don't you make a blog", "It's an ideal place to talk about your expeciences" (Specially the last year, in which I have flight a lot). The answer the same "No time for that, dude". Well, I finally decided to do it and I'm not going to take my friends away from it.

So this is the result: A try-of-freaking blog in which I'll try to talk about not only tipical related-to-work things (Modeling is everywhere!!!), but personal things so that my personality behind the net can be also discovered. In this way, my friends will know a little bit more around my daily work, and my daily work-mates will know a little bit more about myself.

Finally, I didn't want to finish my first blog entry without noticing that I'm writing in English. Well, I can't obviously write just in Spanish because half of the people who this blog is directed to would understand simply nothing. I believe that it is not the same case if I refer to the other half of the people ;). Besides, I think that it's a good way to practice my (and your !!!) English.

So the way starts here, just let's start to modeling ourself ;)

P.S: Please any suggestion/comment about design or whatever will be very appreciated.

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  1. Dale duro al blog fitrol
    (Hit the blog hard Frilol XD)