Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carnivals have finished

My first blog entry will talk about a popular festival celebrated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife last week: Carnivals !!!. In my honest opinion, the best popular festival I have ever taken part in. In Spain, I have even been in the famous "San Fermines".
However, I think you can enjoy more here in Tenerife. The environment is ideal to meet a lot of people, to enjoy with their costumes, and to dance all the night in the street until the next morning (even the afternoon if you have enough power).

Let's take a look at some interesting information provided by Sociedad de desarrollo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife:

We enjoyed with the "Murgas" final, in which around 7.000 spectators saw how "Triqui-traques" won the first Interpretation prize:

The Queen's Carnival final was seen around 7.000 spectactors. This year the winner was the gorgeous Ana María T. M.:

The traditional Carnival's Procession had to be put off until the following day, due to wheather conditions. However, the saturday's night could gather around 70.000 people along Santa Cruz's streets to see this spectacular show:

The also traditional "Coso Apoteosis del Carnaval", which is celebrated under the daylight, was another success. Around 5.000 people were involved in it, and around 170.000 people saw the show in live!!

As espected, "The burial of the sardine" took place at Wednesday's night.

To finish the Carnivals' week, the second edition of "The Daylight Carnival" was the final success of this Carnivals 2009: 4 scenarios, 230 Kw of sound, 16 hours of music... More than 200.000 people !!!

That has been all about Carnivals in Tenerife. But I don't want to finish this entry without talking a little bit about the selected customes which I have dressed this year:

"Healthy life and training" have been the key words for this Carnival's edition. "Be on fit with Güistrol", what a funny sketch !!!

The classical ballet dancer can't neither have missed the show !!!

Finally, Inspired in some Calico's poetry, I decided to get dressed with a Pirate's custome. This is the result:

And my personal custome's prizes, I mean, the best pictures and/or videos which I can upload about the customes made this year are:

Individual Prize. In "Crisis times", a lovely unemployment officer, undoubtedly pOwnZ. As the custome said, "The custome with the longest queue"... ROFL !!

Collective Prize. No words are needed with the following video... Simply Amazing !!!


  1. You look stunning in that ballet suit!

  2. LOL !!!!

    Sure u have to have seen that little "pigtails" and that pink hairband... LOVELY !!! .... ROFL

  3. This was not supposed to be a modelLing blog? (Reading style dude, instead of US haha)
    Mb modelling vs dressing muddle? :p

  4. Yeah, if you have a look to the pictures, you may realize that there are a lot of models ... Models are everywhere ^^

    Sincerously, I prefer the american one in this case :P

    Cheers !!!

  5. Hello, this is a test. By the way, nice review of the fabulous S/C Tenerife Carnivals!!!

  6. Not so much updating here. isn't it?

  7. Indeed. What happened to Adolfo!

  8. Grgrgrgr.... Adolfo is too busy !!! >.<

    I hope to keep at least one or two entries per month ;)

    BTW, thanks for participating !!!

  9. [quote=adolfosbh]"I hope to keep at least one or two entries per month ;)"[/quote]

    u meant solar year?