Sunday, June 30, 2013

June´s Update

It has passed some time since my last blog entry. Tomorrow, a new month begins and I haven´t wrote anything during June !!!. In this update, I´ll simply mention some of the activities I´ve done, which basically are focused on EngD Modules and Release Engineering activities for the new Eclipse version (A.K.A Kepler) which was released this week:

Eclipse Kepler is Out !!!

Open Assessments: I´ve heard a couple of times that I (we) should spend as little effort as required to pass my module assessments. To be honest, I don´t know how to do that. I´m not going to leave blanks to any question, and when I start to answer them I try to be as clear as possible, explaining any stupid assumptions which could me lose marks if I don´tdo so, looking for additional resources over Internet, etc. As a result, around 35 pages of PDF which I sent for my open assessments corresponding to my last EngD modules: Predictable Software Systems and High Integrity Systems Engineering. Since my anonymous work has not been assessed yet I won´t give clues about it. I´ll do it

The other activities, I´ve been dealing specially this month, are the Release Engineering (A.K,A releng) one, which basically are related about taking care of making one of official Eclipse components appear in the final release of the Eclipse product. Although during the last month of development the number of changes to consider usally decrease, hence less chances of introducing last minute bugs, the releng activities increase because we have a release every week corresponding for the Release Candidates. By the way, if you were interested in the kind of activities I undertake as a release engineer, I´ve also been improving and increasing some documentation about it in the Eclipse OCL wikipedia

BTW, as many of you will know I also spent one week in Tenerife, in a wedding of a friend of mine. Just wondering... Where is Wally ? lol!

The next week: QVTo. I´ll blog something about it soon.

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