Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beyond the Obvious: Experiment results

Today, I wanted to share the results of the experiment I run about the reasoning of why my housemates were not collaborating in throwing away the rubbish of the house. As I commented in that post, the goals of the experiment was two fold:
"1. Who finally is the other person who is throwing away the rubbish.
2. If my house mates now realize who is throwing the rubbish, and more importantly everybody knows who is not doing so, may be everybody start to collaborate."
After some days from the 26th of April, in which I put the new "gentle form" close to the bins to track who was throwing the rubbish away I decided to take a picture the same day I did that task again. Here we have the results:

We could say that the experiment resulted in a pleasant but partial success. Undoubtedly, it looks like that my housemates felt the need to start to collaborate in such a trivial task :). Nevertheless, I couldn´t find who was the twin rubbish-thrower during the last months :(.... The minor of my concerns, as you may imagine ;P

Now, it´s a matter of waiting to see how long the dynamic lasts. Perhaps it´s like those new users who just started to play with his new high-tech tool. When the newness disappear my mates could change its role towards a zombie user and then I could finally find my twin. Hopefully, this will never happen.... Let´s knock on wood.

P.S: Don´t get confused by those names of roman gods. I wanted to come up with some invented ones in order to veil any identity.

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